Our Focus

Things that we do so awesomely

Web Apps

We can help you build any website based apps using the latest web technology available now, both open and the closed one. We are the master of PHP with all its frameworks, HTML, Go-Language, CSS3, Database Management and all other webby stuff.

Mobile Apps

We can help you build any popular Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Window Phones) using the latest technology available right now. Dojo-Box gifted with the masters of Objective C, Android Studio, Java, and other related Mobile Apps Development Technologies


We fall in love greatly with aesthetics, so whether you’re going to build a brand, make a UI/UX improvements, or just creating simple graphical image for design, we will love it so much to give you a help.

Business Tools

We can help you build a cloud based business tools using latest Web and Mobile technology simultaneously. We love to get a chance to analyze your business process, hack on it, and make an improvement on it. We are the master of business hacking using IT solution.

About Us

Instill awesomeness in every piece of our works
A passionate people that love to build something amazing and awesome

We are the creatives people driven by the thrive to achieve awesomeness in every piece of our works. We like beauty and aesthetic even though sometimes it means simplicity and minimalizing. If you need to find an apps developer or a creatives person that easy to work with you are heading into a good direction. Dojo- BoX a place for creatives and professional person with great attitude and awesome works!! Right now we are very good at Creating iOS apps, building a Business Tools, developing a custom Web Apps, and do a Branding Things for you.

  • Web Apps

    Customize web apps using latest technology like Go Language PHP CSS3

  • Mobile Apps Development

    Help you build any mobile apps using popular platform like iOS, Android or Windows Phone

  • Branding

    Everything you need to develop a branding, either from scratch or the advance one

  • Business Tools

    Building a customize business tools that works with your type of works in your company


The awesome guys behind Dojo-BoX
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Sang Indra

Chief of Enthusiasm Officers
The business guys with awesome background on IT field. He is the winner of Wirausaha Muda Mandiri 2009, Wirausaha Rakyat BRI 2012, and initiate a Digital Creative Association of Indonesia (ADITIF). A very talented person with a lot of idea to help your business grow into your desired direction.
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Hanief Cahya

Chief of Geeks
A genius geeks that know business as well. He has been on IT business for 10 years. He has a great experience handling great clients like Unilever. The master of code and the perfectionist one. He’s also a great iOS coder
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Lya Mulyani

Arts Manager
Pure artist with a great sense of aesthetic and arts. She has learn art since 16 year old. And has made a great work ever since. She is the master of art that can bring beauty and aesthetic to your business.
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Kenniko Okta

Web Geeks & Animator
A great warrior of Front End Web Developers, UI/UX Enthusiast, and Animator, that can bring you the magic of Web and Animation to your company
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Ridwan Aditama

Android Geeks
Android Studio is his tools, java is his language, amazing android developer that has mastering Android Development since early days of Android version.
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Agasi Gilang Persada

Web Geeks
A PHP Master with a proficient skill in multiple PHP Framework Development. Code Igniter, Laravel, PHPCake, you mention it, he master it.


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