House Keeping Management for Wisma Djoglo Yogyakarta

Client’s Name :

Wisma Djoglo Yogykarta

Project’s Time :

7 July 2013 – 13 November 2013

Challenge :

Our client Wisma Djoglo is one of the oldest Inn in Yogyakarta. They have a problem in keeping track on the house keeping procedure which occurs every day. They want to know which room to clean up, what to clean up, and the score of every clean up activity done by their house keeper. Of course every clean up activity need  to be traceable and bring not only easiness for operational reasons, but also give more knowledge for managerial reasons.


We develop a house keeping management solutions using latest web technology that can help the managers, and house keeping supervisors to really track the house keeping process in Wisma Djoglo.

Developed Feature

  • Ability to manage rooms, and room’s floor
  • Ability to manage cleaning activity that must be done in each room, and the intervals days among it
  • Ability to manage house keeper’s
  • Ability to manage daily house keeping activity that can be tracked back to the executor and score of each activity
  • Ability to manage house keeper’s daily attendances
  • Ability to view Cleaning Activity Report that can be divided per-room and per-house keeper



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