Inventory Manager for P.T. ADiTV


A simple Inventory Rotation Management Tools for Television Company Client P.T ADiTV Yogyakarta

Client’s Name

P.T. Arahan Dunia Televisi (ADi TV)


Our client ADiTV is one of the most popular and outgrowing local TV station in Yogyakarta. The increase scaling of viewers and clients have made them to start facing a problem of managing their TV set properties. The circulation of TV properties is so high they need to know the status and who is responsible to each inventory item like cameras and other similar stuff.


We develop solutions called Inventory Manager that built using latest web technologies to help ADiTV’s team manage the circulation of each inventory in their company.

Developed Feature

  • Manage  data about team’s personal who can manage iventory
  • Manage data about items, including conditions and other related information
  • Manage data about item’s scheduling and rotations
  • See the report on each item and users



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