Marketer Box for PT. ADiTV


Clients Name :

PT. Arah Dunia Televisi

Projects Time :

March 2013 – June 2013

Challange :

P.T ADiTV Yogyakarta is one of the most popular and outgrowing local TV station in Yogyakarta. The increase scaling of viewers and clients have made them to face problem in managing their sales team and also keeping track on the progress of each client’s deal. They need a system to help them manage the sales process that happen in their business which can be used not only by the sales department but also the other department for operational reasons.

Solution :

Dojo-Box provide a break through solution using latest cloud technology of CRM Web Apps, which then called as Marketer Box. Marketer Box main function is to support the sales team by giving them the power of integrated CRM to manage their current, and past, and new customers in one integrated apps. Each sales action and sales decision can be done seamlessly using the data provided in the apps.


Front Page Adi TV
Front Page Adi TV
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