Resto Box for Ambarukmo Magnum Resto Yogyakarta


Develop an integrated management solution for a middle up restaurant called Ambarukmo Magnum Resto in Yogyakarta

Client’s Name

Ambarukmo Magnum Resto


Ambarukmo My Resto are the new Restaurants in Yogyakarta with a great concept and nice menu to be sold to their customer. As a complex restaurant with expensive setup cost they need a system to help them maintain they day to day operational from A to Z that can be used by whole team simultaneously. From the front store management till the purchasing management


We develop a solution called Resto Box a sophisticated restaurant software, built to help Ambarukmo Magnum Resto taking care of their daily management. The application is built using latest web technologies and can be accessed simultaneously by all teams of Ambarukmo Magnum Resto at the same time.

Developed Feature

  • Manage rooms, area, and basic information of a restarutants
  • Manage menu, category menu, and which type of menu it belong to (a la carte or buffet)
  • Front store management, including Point of Sales, and cash management
  • Kitchen management, covering both a la carte and buffet kitchen
  • Stock Management which divided into Warehousing and Kitchen Stock Management
  • Custom setting for multiple type of SOP
  • Multiple daily/monthly reports for important metrics of Restaurants


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