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We are the creatives people driven by the thrive to achieve awesomeness in every piece of our works. We like beauty and aesthetic even though sometimes it means simplicity and minimal. If you need to find an apps developer or a creatives person that easy to work with you are heading into a good direction. Dojo- BoX a place for creatives and professional person with great attitude and awesome works!! Right now we are very good at Creating iOS apps, building a Business Tools, developing a custom Web Apps, and do a Branding Things for you.

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Product Development Services

Sort of thing that we can help you with

Requirement Analysis

Most of the time, you know what you want to build but don't know exactly how you're going to define it as a digital product. We are here to help you gain a full understanding of what you really need, and how will it shaped as an apps or other digital product

Apps Development

Choosing the right stacks, build the line of code that can works fine handling multiple computation request, and at the end publishing apps that suits your needs, wether its web, android or iOS based, our team are capable to bring it alive.

UX Research

Understanding what you need is one thing, the next step is understanding what your user need, and how will you device a tools that easily understandable by your user. We are here to help you understand what your user is, and how will they behave with your products

Quality Assurance

We can help you test everything, from server, app usability test, penetration test, and all sort of works that making sure your digital products works well in any real use cases.

UI UX Design

"You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site." That is the famous quotes by Frank Llyod that actually also apply in digital product development. After the requirement is fix, the designing phase is important to make sure that the development process is efficient and no code are written as junk

Technical Maintenance

Server monitoring, backup management, hack protection, server update, we can help to make sure your apps works perfectly throughout the years and more.

Consultation Service

Sort of thing that we can help you with

Product Related

Building a digital product, but still confuse about what feature should be developed first, how to create a development milestone, how to choose the right stack that fit with future development. With our 8 years experience in building digital product we can consult to make sure that you don't waste resource on the development process.

UI UX Review

Already has a digital product, but you still curious whether or not it has really served its maximum purpose to your user?
Worry not, we can help you figuring out in the eye of practical design, how your digital product stand in the eye of your existing and potential user.

Security Opinion

There is no perfect system under the sun, but we can help you review the security factor of your product to make sure that your user is safe and no malicious activity happen during their time in your apps.

Let's talk about your dream apps

Over a cup of coffee?? We know a good cafe where we can talks all day about your dream apps

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